Google / Facebook Ads targeting customer list


Hi, as always, thank you for coming. My name is Sergio and I am the owner of Online Solutions Group BV in Belgium.

In this video, I'll explore some complex business marketing concepts. We've seen this approach have the greatest success in attracting passive job seekers in the HR industry.
What will you learn after watching this video?

Is there a way to increase your ad performance tenfold? How much can conversion rates improve if customer lists are aligned correctly? How do we prevent automated bots from seeing or clicking on our ads? What are the steps to create a customer list on Google and Facebook? Where can I learn more about mailing lists and how to use them? So how do you avoid letting ads compete directly with your own ads?

When you advertise on Google or Facebook. Targeted consumer lists can make these campaigns more efficient. This is similar to retargeting, but targets very specific characteristics, including people who have never visited your site. Can translate well into new audiences for your website. This can be done through Facebook, more effectively through Google AdWords.